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Same DAy Crowns…

How long does it take?

Same-day crowns service gives our patients the flexibility of scheduling just one appointment for top of the line technological support. Cerec technology creates a crown so accurate and perfect that minimal to no adjustments need to be made once it’s finished.

Dr. Hudson, D.M.D. provides same day crown services where we can create and place your crown in our office in one visit. We take a digital impression of your tooth and make a custom fit ceramic crown in a matter of minutes, allowing our patients the ease of having not having to schedule multiple appointments to have their crown completed.

Our tooth-colored restorations are metal free, long lasting and extremely durable. With our same-day crowns service, there is no temporary crown involved and you can leave our office the same day with your permanent crown and tooth.

Temporary crowns are temporary and may fall out from regular oral activity.

If your temporary has fallen out, call us immediately at (334) 495-6695 to schedule a time to come in and get it adhered back on. Our team of teeth cleaning and whitening professionals helps the River Region achieve reliable, long lasting dental solutions. We may advise you to temporarily cement it back on with an over the counter paste, however, please get instructions from our staff before doing anything. Make sure to keep your crown and keep the exposed tooth clean until our staff can place the crown back on.

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